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Technical Services

Our brand of technical service is designed to enable our customers to maximise their processes and ensure a safe and operator friendly working environment

Take command with Certas Lubricant Solutions, Technical services

Certas Lubricant Solutions are proud to launch our new brand of technical services which is specifically designed to enable our customers to maximize their processes and ensure a safe and operator friendly working environment.

As well as supplying our customers leading brands of lubricants, here at Certas Lubricant Solutions we understand the need to keep processes running as smoothly as possible to maintain a high level of productivity whilst ensuring the working environment is safe and not compromised. We also understand the need for flexibility and our range of technical services can be built to suit our customer needs.

Our range of technical services will provide you with reassurance and combined with the right product result in significant cost saving and a safer more productive working environment. You can benefit from our vastly experienced and dedicated technical team who are always on hand to advise and recommend the optimum solution to any problems or improvements you are looking to implement.

Certas Command range of technical services

  • Fluid condition monitoring & management services
  • Product advice & recommendation.
  • Health & Safety support & advice
  • Equipment supply and recommendation
  • Lubricant analytical services
  • Education & Training
  • A dedicated lubricants Technical Helpline

Fluid Management

Choosing the correct metalworking fluid with the right balance of safety and performance is an important step in improving productivity and protecting employees. It is vital to appreciate that the composition of a metalworking fluid changes in use. 

It is therefore crucial to monitor metalworking fluids to maximise product performance and meet health and safety requirements. A full fluid condition monitoring programme is the best way to achieve this.

Certas Lubricant Solutions can advise you on the best way to set up an efficient fluid monitoring programme. This will help minimise unscheduled maintenance, increase coolant life and optimise performance, resulting in improved productivity and reduced machine downtime.

Fluid Command

FLUID COMMAND is a user-friendly, fully automated monitoring system that uses charts and reports to show the full history of each metalworking fluid system. When the checks are completed, a report shows the current condition of the fluid in each machine. Results are displayed using a simple traffic light system.

You can log on to FLUID COMMAND using your own smart phone, tablet or desktop computer and view And download a  full historical report at any time and share it with colleagues and auditors.

Benefits of Fluid Command

  • Paperless
  • Automated
  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Complies with HSE requirements
  • Reliable platform
  • Machine history & trend analysis
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Application Specialists

Our experienced Application Specialists are on hand to offer you advice and guidance. They help you select the most appropriate metalworking fluid for your application and help you optimise performance through condition monitoring of the fluid in the machine and recommend any corrective actions. They also offer advice on working safely with metalworking fluids and complying with the latest health and safety regulations. They are also knowledgeable and on hand to recommend the best equipment that can result in significant cost savings in the long term.

With their support, you can increase the life of your fluid, optimise performance, minimise unscheduled maintenance and reduce machine downtime.

The combination of highly trained Certas Lubricant Solutions Application Specialists and CERTAS FLUID COMMAND will enable you to;

  • Streamline your metalworking operation
  • Significantly reduce operating costs
  • Increase tool-life
  • Improve production efficiency
  • Reduce coolant usage
  • Improve operator working conditions.

Lab Command

Where further investigation is needed, or as part of routine monitoring, samples can be sent to a fully accredited laboratory which uses advanced testing facilities to evaluate the performance of your lubricant or neat MWF. Testing suites include the latest organic and inorganic spectroscopic techniques plus physical and chemical properties which are critical in providing a lubricant or fluid health check.

Benefits of Lab Command used oil analysis

Monitors oil condition to predict fluid lifecycle
Helps to detect problems early
Enables effective maintenance planning
Reduces operating costs
Reduces machine downtime

Training Seminars

Certas Lubricant Solutions offers a range of training seminars, each run by an experienced Certas Lubricant Solutions technical specialist, to help you work safely and efficiently with metalworking fluids. Our seminars include:

Working safely with metalworking fluids 

Guidance on the HSE requirements for the measures required for monitoring metalworking fluids and the risks of working with metalworking fluids.

Introduction to metalworking fluids

Composition of metalworking fluids, application and how to select the best metalworking fluid

Certas Lubricant Solutions guide to equipment solutions

Summary of useful equipment recommended for enhancing machine shop productivity and improved health and safety environment.

Technical Helpline

Do you need a product recommendation or want advice on how to optimize your processes ?

Our dedicated technical helpline is available to help you select the best product for your application. Our technical support team have many years experience in various lubricant industries and can provide health & safety advice, the best product for your application or simply advise an alternative. For any support or advice don’t hesitate to contact us.

Solutions for business

Our knowledge and expertise enables our team to be able to recommend the best equipment for your operation needs. Investing in the correct equipment can result in significant savings and increase productivity in the long term. Our close relationship with our suppliers ensures that our customers have access to the best solutions available and we are experienced in providing the most optimum solution.

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