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valvoline lubricant advisor uk
valvoline lubricant advisor uk

Valvoline lubricants distributor: Partner overview

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Industries Served:

We have been partnering with Valvoline for a number of years, enabling us to offer a wide range of exclusive, high quality Valvoline products to the automotive, fleet, marine and agricultural sectors.

Founded more than 150 years ago, Valvoline has consistently stayed at the cutting edge of lubricant development, ensuring that it is synonymous with both innovation and dependability. That’s part of the reason why Valvoline has also enjoyed a global partnership with Cummins since 1995.

From creating the X-18 motor oil in 1939 to creating MaxLife™ high-mileage motor oil in 2000, Valvoline™ has always strived to innovate and develop quality motor oil and engine lubricants. Valvoline doesn’t refine its own base oils from crude which provides the flexibility to search the market for the finest base oils available for its motor oils and other lubricants.

Certas Lubricant Solutions is the sole distributor of bulk and packed Valvoline lubricants in the UK. Our partnership with this premium brand has helped increase client satisfaction ratings by improving logistics capabilities with on time and in full deliveries of Valvoline’s market leading products. 

Valvoline is one of the most recognised brands offered by Certas Lubricant Solutions and our partnership gives customers access to a range of superior quality fluids as well as the Tectyl range, the driving force in rust protection with its own reputation for innovation, service and expertise.

Industries Served:

  • Producer of premium branded automotive, commercial and industrial lubricants, and automotive chemicals
  • $2.1 billion annual sales
  • One of the top three premium motor oil brands
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Proud to be the UK's sole bulk Valvoline distributor

Why Use Valvoline Lubricants?

Valvoline has been manufacturing lubricants for 150 years. Today, Valvoline continues to develop new methods and technologies to maximise output for vehicles and businesses. Valvoline operates in 140 countries, bringing their range of industry-leading products to installers, dealers, retailers, equipment manufacturers and business operators. With an extensive portfolio of engine coolants and oils, gear and transmission and hydraulic oils and speciality fluids, Valvoline offers a solution for every fleet and vehicle related need. 

In addition to their motor and engine oils they also service the agricultural, industrial and marine sectors with a range of peak performing products, prolonging machinery and vessel life and reducing unexpected downtime. Valvoline has an extensive portfolio of heavy duty oils, greases and coolants and offers in-depth technical services to help match your business with the right lubricant.

Why partner with Certas Lubricant Solutions for your Valvoline Lubricants?

  • 167dedicated employees
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Logistics provider for leading manufacturers
  • 10 dedicated warehouses
  • 200,000 sq ft warehouse storage
  • Large stock holding of oils and greases
  • 60 million litres of lubricants and AdBlue delivered

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Valvoline lubricant solutions


Day in, day out, in all weather conditions, you demand constant protection and performance from your equipment. Equipment downtime is not an option, uptime is where your business makes its profit. So, you need products that work as hard as you do. And just like you, we expect nothing less. Every Valvoline heavy duty engine oil, grease, hydraulic oil, tractor fluid and coolant is developed to withstand the toughest conditions and demands of your agricultural equipment. You can rely on us, because we’ve been specialists in heavy duty lubricants since 1866.

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Valvoline automotive lubricants

Racers have depended on Valvoline for more than 100 years. As a trusted and superior lubricant manufacturer, Valvoline is now the exclusive lubricants and automotive fluids partner of KTM Sportcar GmbH. Valvoline engine oils and lubricants are designed for maximum performance, optimising operational reliability and reducing maintenance costs.


Valvoline launched the new Tectyl range as part of their commitment to improving customer experience. Tectyl products are a proven force in protecting against rust and corrosion. With redesigned spray cans and clearer product names, Valvoline has made selecting the right product for your application even easier.

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Marine lubricants

Marine engines are exposed to extreme conditions and so maintaining them with the right lubricant is essential. The Valvoline portfolio of marine lubricant products has been designed to protect against deposits and corrosion, whilst maintaining optimal performance. 

valvoline lubricant advisor uk

Your trusted Valvoline supplier

  • Sole distributor of bulk and packed Valvoline lubricants in the UK
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Market leading products
  • Lubricants for fleet, industrial, agricultural, automotive and marine industries
  • National network and customer service team
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Testimonials: Cleaner engines, higher number of operational hours.

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MV Ellorah

Valvoline understands the demands on vessels small and large. When the 18.95-metre MV Ellorah was put into Fraserburgh for service with 34,000 hours on the clock, it had been regularly maintained with Valvoline All Fleet 15W-40 engine oil. This advanced engine oil is used to keep the engine free from the build-up of oil and keep it running smoothly. Engines can often end up black and gungy inside. 

Not so the MV-Ellorah; Bob Sinclair Marine Engineering was impressed by the condition of the engine and stated that the ship had “the highest number of hours on it that I’ve ever seen, and yet it was the cleanest.” 

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