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Shell lubricant distributor uk

Proud to be the largest Shell distributor in the UK

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Industries Served:

We are the largest Shell distributor in the UK, supplying this global brand’s complete product portfolio ever since our acquisition of Shell Direct (UK) in 2004.

With an outstanding reputation for quality and technical excellence, which is made possible through its continual investment in R&D, Shell continues to innovate across it’s entire portfolio.

Shell Lubricants brings world-class technological insights to its products and services, which are designed to help maximise equipment efficiency, prolong vehicle life and reduce downtime to deliver substantial customer savings. Customers also have access to technical support services from Shell Lubricants including Shell LubeMatch and Shell LubeAnalyst.

The combination of the quality of Shell’s products and Certas Lubricant Solutions’s commitment to customer service, ensures a lubricant range you can rely on. Certas Lubricant Solutions have been partnering with Shell for a number of years delivering and servicing Shells direct marine and bulk lubricant customers in the UK.

Facts & Figures
  • Shell Lubricants have been the leading global lubricant supplier for 15 years
  • First-to-market premium lubricants manufactured from natural gas in 100+ countries
  • World-class lubricants supply chain investing to meet market demand (7 base oil plants, 15 grease plants, 44 blending plants)
  • Network of technology centres with 200 R&D scientists
  • $1 Billion R&D spend

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Why use Shell Lubricants?

Lower your total ownership costs and improve the performance of your machinery

Shell lubricants are some of the highest performing lubricants in the world. Using world class technology and innovation, Shell consistently produces premium quality lubricants, oils and greases that service a range of industries and businesses. Their impressive portfolio of lubricants includes automotive products and engine oils for cars and motorcycles that offer increased reliability and control. Additionally, Shell designs lubricants specifically for the challenges faced by the manufacturing and engineering industries. With a focus on enhancing equipment and machinery, prolonging lifespans and reducing downtime, Shell lubricants and oils can be a cost effective solution for your business.

Certas Lubricant Solutions is proud to partner with Shell, owing to their outstanding reputation and their continued commitment to producing only top quality lubricants. By utilising cutting edge technology and applying a wealth of knowledge, Shell are also focussing on sustainability and the positive impact they can bring to their engine oils and lubricants. Shell lubricants are not only a name you can trust, but a brand that delivers time and time again.

Why Buy Shell Lubricants from Certas Lubricant Solutions?

  • 167 dedicated employees
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Logistics provider for leading manufacturers
  • 10 dedicated warehouses
  • 200,000 sq ft warehouse storage
  • Large stock holding of oils and greases
  • 60 million litres of lubricants and AdBlue delivered

A fully accredited lubricant supplier

Shell lubricant solutions

passenger cars

Passenger cars

The shell range of vehicle engine oils is designed for ultimate performance for passenger cars. Shell Helix synthetic motor oils have been engineered to achieve high performance at all times and boast cleansing technology to maintain engine efficiency.


Whether your business uses light or heavy duty trucks, the Shell selection of Rimula oils protects engines against the day-to-day damage caused by road and motorway driving. Using dynamic technology, these oils stand up to the rigours of urban driving and help prolong the life of your fleet.


Bus and Coach

For heavy duty vehicles that need to keep going, Shell Rimula Truck and Heavy Duty Engine Oils are the answer. The complete range of products protects against a number of problems such as deposit build up, high pressure wear and tear and corrosion from combustion acids. 


Demanding environments need more from their vehicles and equipment. Shell agricultural lubricants help you get the most from your equipment whilst also reducing carbon emissions and adhering to environmental legislation. We can advise you on the best Shell lubricants for your specific sector.

agricultural lubricant supplier UK


Lost time can be costly. Shell Driveline lubricant products help to reduce down time across all of your machinery and equipment. From excavators and reach stackers to cranes and diggers, Shell lubricants can extend component life, reduce oil composition and increase productivity.  


Rail is an industry we all rely on, which is why Shell lubricants, oils and greases are designed for maximum results when life needs to move from A to B. Shell uses advanced technology to deliver products that target the intense needs of the rail industry such as friction and wear, flange lubrication and track transition. 



Shell aviation fuels and lubricants can help reduce costs across the aviation industry. Protecting the engine and maintaining the life of your aviation fleet is a top priority as is reducing costs. Shell aviation fuels and lubricants cover the roster of small and large aircrafts including jets, helicopters and light aircrafts.


Shell offers an in-depth range of marine lubricants. The Shell portfolio of products covers air compressors, bearings, refrigeration and gear systems plus many more components crucial to the marine sector. Certas Lubricant Solutions can supply these premium, high performance lubricant solutions to power your marine business.



In a world reliant on power and in need of ever more sustainable energy solutions, Shell has developed advanced lubricants that tackle the needs of turbines and help to protect them and prolong lifespan. Understanding the implications of broken or inefficient machinery, Shell lubricants for the power sector have been made with maximum output in mind.

Shell lubricants authorised distributor

Your trusted Shell supplier

  • UK’s largest Shell supplier
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Brand partners since 2004
  • Lubricants for construction, automotive, marine and agriculture industries
  • World class product portfolio
Shell lubricants distributor uk


“The team at Certas Lubricant Solutions really demonstrated their sector and product knowledge and delivered a solution they were confident we were going to see some immediate results from."

“By choosing a lubricant supplier that combines technical know-how with high levels of service, fleet operators can be more confident in engine productivity and performance.”

Shell Lubricants Authorised Distributor

Shell has been targeting innovation since the late 1800’s. Now, with over 100 countries served by Shell products, they are an instantly recognisable name in the world of energy, oil and lubricants. The Shell product portfolio offers solutions for industries across the world, including automotive, agriculture, manufacturing and marine.

Shell products focus on liquids and lubricants that can maximise the output of your business and keep equipment and machinery moving as efficiently as possible. Their greases, compressor oils and engine oils are designed to cope with high pressure environments and their advanced technology is formulated to be robust. As the UK’s largest Shell distributor, Certas Lubricant Solutions combines the effectiveness and innovation of Shell products with exceptional customer service and reliability.

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Shell have put together some insightful information, compiled by industry experts to keep your operation running at its best. Using the correct lubricant is just one element of making lubricants work for your business. Discover how to achieve lubrication excellence in fleet, wind, manufacturing, agriculture, construction and power.

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