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Castrol Service

Castrol Service, a premium national branded network in the UK that offers real benefits

Castrol Service

Stand out from the crowd and become part of the Castrol Service, a premium national branded network in the UK that offers real benefits to you and your customers. Castrol Service enhances your business with the endorsement of the Castrol Service brand throughout each of your customer touchpoints. Gain more knowledge about lubricants and workshop efficiency through our dedicated team & online training solutions. Drive customers to you through our online network find a workshop.

Offer your customers peace of mind through “Free” Castrol Engine Warranty, exclusive to the Castrol Service Network. There is no cost to join the network or monthly fee, just your commitment and passion to only use Castrol. Below we share just some of the key offer components.

Castrol Service lubricants advisor UK


Enhance your business identity with Castrol Service branding for every consumer touchpoint in your business. Digital branding for your website, social media and literature. Providing you signage to engage your customers & create trust you’re using a quality product in their vehicle.  Signage for:

  • The outside of your workshop
  • Inside the reception area
  • A workshop bay

Castrol Engine Warranty

An opportunity for you to strengthen relationships and loyalty with your customers, by providing them with an attractive ‘value-added’ offer that will differentiate you from your competitors and help increase your business.

You can offer your customers a tangible benefit for having their car serviced using Castrol oil, providing them the peace of mind that comes from a well-known, trusted brand.

It is a way for you to differentiate your workshop from others who are not part of the Castrol Branded Workshop network. Castrol are guaranteeing the engine so there is no risk to you if there is an issue.

Castrol Service lubricants partner UK
castrol distributor uk

Castrol Service Workshop Finder

Your business listed on Castrol.com driving new custom to your workshop through the Castrol Service workshop finder. It’s a simple postcode search to help consumers find your Castrol Service workshop. Giving you a powerful & trusted direct assosication with Castrol online.

Joint Branded Workwear

Always look professional with quality, durable workwear for you and your team.

  • Castrol Service branding to create association
  • You’re own branding to retain your identity.
  • Supplied annually to ensure the team are always looking their best.
Castrol Service lubricants advisor UK

Create Workshop Efficiency

With the ever growing number of oils dedicated to different OEM’s we help you to stock the right oils.

We give you the tools to select the correct oil for the vehicle, the oil storage equipment and application solutions tailored for your workshop, giving you the confidence to fit the right oil every time and help you save money.

The Castrol the 20L oil bar & barrel trolley with air operated metered pump create workshop efficiency.

Lubricant Solutions

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