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Aerospace Lubricants

Our solutions have been specially formulated to extend the life of your aerospace industry assets.

Ensure you are using the right lubricant for the job with aerospace approved products from Castrol

The essential, and stringent regulations that surround the aerospace industry, mean that choosing the correct and approved lubricant for the application is absolutely crucial.   

In this market space, the lubricant choice is driven by manufacturer specifications, and Castrol holds a wide range of these approvals, including Airbus, Boeing, Rolls Royce and Safran. 

As Castrol’s largest distributor in the UK, we have access to the full range of all these products and hold many in stock. Alongside this, we have a UK based team of Sales Engineers and Industrial Application Specialists, who can conduct site visits, and advise on lubricant requirements, as well as providing additional services which could enhance process and efficiencies, like Fluid Command 

Aerospace high performance lubricants

Achieving the highest standards of productivity and quality are the driving factors for your business.  That’s why Castrol are committed to producing the same high quality products to help you achieve these standards.  Their range of high performance lubricants include: 

  • Pastes for assembly applications 
  • Gear oils providing proven gear protection and reduced friction 
  • Greases providing shock load carrying, wear protection and low friction 
  • Chain oils for harsh environmental conditions 

Castrol’s XBB Technology – approved for use by manufacturers including; Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, Airbus & Boeing.

Hysol SL 45 XBB maintains stable, productive manufacturing conditions for longer than conventional cutting fluids – without the use of boron or FRA’s. In tests aircraft manufacturers have also been able to completely eliminate service additive top-ups, giving a cost saving while improving safety. 

Castrol Hysol SL 45 XBB outperformed other cutting fluids in laboratory emulsion stability tests.  Customers have been able to eliminate the use of all biocide and fungicide additives with no adverse effects. 


Lubricants Advisor

Help and advice to choose the best lubricant for your business

Fluid Command - to help meet regulatory compliance

This new software, designed and built by Certas Lubricant Solutions, has been created to improve the processes and provide efficiencies on the factory floor when working with metalworking fluids. 

Fluid Command’s impressive reporting and statistical analysis tools means no more struggling with spreadsheets and missed maintenance schedules when monitoring metalworking fluids.  You can login to schedule maintenance rotas, submit test results and view live data on your production facilities, from a single CNC’s performance to an entire production plant.  Fluid Command is a cloud-based platform accessible from any digital device, engineers simply scan a QR code at point of contact and enter test results that become instantly available.

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