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Automotive lubricants

The motoring industry is constantly striving for improvements in fuel efficiency and engine performance and by investing in high-quality lubricants, businesses will reap the benefits of reduced engine maintenance and improved performance.

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The motoring industry is constantly striving for improvements in fuel efficiency and engine performance and by investing in high-quality lubricants, businesses will reap the benefits of reduced engine maintenance and improved performance.

Driving improvements in automotive engine performance

Garages are under constant pressure to keep the cost of maintaining customer’s vehicles as low as possible but in some cases, this can lead to corners being cut resulting in problems in the long run. Using the right lubricant is essential for vehicle and engine maintenance but the truth is that there is a tendency across the board to pay little attention to lubricant choice other than cost.

Car manufacturers are increasingly specifying particular and specialist formulations of lubricants for their latest models and as a result, garages are faced with a greater variety of types and grades of product than ever before. Making the right choice when it comes to lubricant selection is crucial in meeting manufacturer requirements but the reality is that some garages are still using just one grade of lubricant across all vehicles and engine types.

We offer a comprehensive range of lubricants for use in cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and small boats. Quality products and advanced technologies, our products enhance performance, reliability and longevity.

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High-performance automotive lubricants from the best manufacturers

Castrol lubricant solutions

Castrol oils, grease and lubricants are meeting the changing demands of the automotive industry. Their most recent ventures are transmission oils for electric cars. This is why, when considering which lubricant products to use for your business, Castrol can be relied upon to consistently bring quality, innovation, and advanced lubricant technology. 

Castrol distributor near you

Shell passenger car lubricants

The Shell range of vehicle engine oils is designed for ultimate performance for passenger cars. Shell Helix synthetic specialist motor oils have been engineered to achieve high performance at all times and boast cleansing technology to maintain engine efficiency.

Q8 Oils Automotive Solutions

A vast number of customers worldwide trust the quality and reliability of Q8Oils automotive lubricants. Designed to protect vital components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions, they are at the cutting edge of technology. Q8Oils engine oils are continuously improved to meet the various needs of their customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Q8Oils lubricant partner UK
valvoline for automotive suppliers uk

Valvoline lubricants

Racers have depended on Valvoline for more than 100 years. As a trusted and superior lubricant manufacturer, Valvoline is now the exclusive lubricants and automotive fluids partner of KTM Sportcar GmbH. Valvoline engine oils and lubricants are designed for maximum performance, optimising operational reliability and reducing maintenance costs.

HyperDrive Premium Lubricants Manufacturer

Certas Lubricant Solutions’s strategic acquisition of HyperDrive in October 2018 signalled a significant step change as the business expanded into lubrication product manufacturing. HyperDrive is a lubricant blending business that has not only built a reputation for developing a wide range of high-performance, own-brand products, but for blending oils on behalf of many leading global brands.

Automotive lubricant, oil & grease products

    • Light vehicle, passenger car motor oils designed to maximise the performance of engines and deliver outstanding protection against wear
    • Automotive gear and transmission oils formulated for high performance, designed to meet the requirements of both automatic and manual gear boxes
    • Small engine oils developed to meet the requirements of the latest high-performance motorcycles, snowmobiles and outboard engines
    • Rust Preventatives offering Valvoline Tectyl protective coatings to extend the operational life of vehicles and equipment. Click here for more information.
    • AdBlue® designed for use in diesel engines to ensure they meet the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. Click here for more information.

Automotive sector solutions

Castrol for electric vehicles
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