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Agriculture lubricants

Using the right lubricant for your agricultural machinery helps prevent wear and tear, extends equipment life and minimises spend on spare parts.


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Using the right lubricant for your agricultural machinery helps prevent wear and tear, extends equipment life and minimises spend on spare parts

Reaping the benefits of using the right lubricant

Ensuring farm vehicles are well maintained is essential to running an efficient farm, especially during the busy periods. However, a study revealed that only 29% of farmers surveyed are aware of the extent a protective lubricant can lead to cost savings and prevent equipment wear and tear. 

Another key consideration, which often gets forgotten about is what happens when the season finishes and combine harvesters go into storage for the winter? Farm equipment needs to be protected when it’s not in use for extended periods of time as if it is left unprotected during the cold, wet, winter months, metal surfaces can become corroded and the resulting rust can affect the functionality of equipment. This results in costly repairs or replacement of expensive parts and components to get machinery up and running again. Using lubricants to prepare machinery for storage helps to extend the lifetime of your assets.

Approved by many leading agricultural OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) including Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, John Deere and Fendt, we offer a wide range of oils and greases from heavy-duty tractor engine oils to milking machine oils.  Certas Lubricant Solutions supply a wide range of products for hard-working machines in tough environments, designed to prolong machinery life and reduce ongoing maintenance costs.


Why opt for Certas Lubricant Solutions for your oil, grease & lubricant supplies? 
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  • Reliable deliveries
  • Payment options
  • Oils, grease and lubricants specifically designed for agricultural machinery
  • Dedicated tanker fleet

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Driveline product range

Our network of experts works with you to develop a package of products tailored to your individual needs and services that help you improve your productivity. We offer a comprehensive lubricant portfolio with which we can help you select the right products, storage and application of your lubricants.

OEM approved lubricants for agriculture

Maximise lifespan of your farm machinery

Day in, day out, in all weather conditions, you demand constant protection and performance from your equipment. Equipment downtime is not an option, uptime is where your business makes its profit. So, you need products that work as hard as you do. And just like you, we expect nothing less.

Every heavy duty engine oil, grease, hydraulic oil, tractor fluid and coolant is developed to withstand the toughest conditions and demands of your agricultural equipment. 

Approved by many leading agricultural manufacturers including Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland and John Deere, we supply lubricants from leading global manufacturers to ensure you have access to a range of products to suit all your farm’s machinery needs.

Tractor diesel, heating oil and more...

When running a busy farm, we understand your fuel supply is just one of many things to manage. With over 100 years of fuel supply experience, 900 tankers, 130 depots, competitive pricing and friendly local teams and drivers, we work hard to take the stress out of your fuel deliveries to help keep your farm moving, always.

Find out more about fuel supply from Certas Energy. 

agriculture harvest partner

Oil, grease and lubricant solutions for the agricultural sector:

    • Universal Tractor Oils for use in both the engine and hydraulic brake systems of tractors to reduce wear, control sludge build-up, and protect equipment parts
    • Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil (HDDEO) blended from selected base stocks and advanced additives to provide the ultimate in engine protection with extended oil drain intervals
    • Milking Machine Oils formulated for use in piston and rotary pumps, it is suitable for all temperatures and conditions
    • Chainsaw Oils specially developed with superior additives to lubricate the chain of chainsaws, preventing breaks and jams
    • Transmission fluids for automatic gearboxes, traditional synchromesh, and differential final drive gear systems
    • Hydraulic oils renowned for high-performance and anti-wear capabilities
    • Greases formulated to provide excellent protection against wear caused by heavy-load or shock-load operation
    • AdBlue® designed for use in diesel engines to ensure they meet the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. For more information click here. 
    • Coolants to maintain engines and keep heat generating mechanical systems in good working order
    • Rust Preventatives offering Valvoline Tectyl protective coatings to extend the operational life of vehicles and equipment. For more information click here. 

Our brands

High performance lubricant supplier

Certas Lubricant Solutions offers a full portfolio of lubricants including industrial and automotive lubricants oils and greases. Our selection includes, but is not limited to, these leading manufacturers:

  • SHELL: Shell’s position as a market leader is maintained through its world class technological insights. We are proud to be the UKs largest distributor of Shell products.
  • CASTROL: We are the largest supplier of Castrol products in the UK and are proud to be an Ambassador Distributor. With a reputation for innovation, Castrol products are endorsed and co-engineered by world-leading brands like Audi and Volvo. 
  • VALVOLINE: Valvoline remains at the cutting edge of lubricant technology. We are the sole distributor of bulk and packed Valvoline products in the UK and continue to partner with them for their innovation and dependability.
  • Q8OILS: These technology enhanced lubricants have been designed for the industrial and power sectors. As an authorised partner of Q8Oils we are able to offer these premium lubricants, metalworking fluids and greases to industries throughout the UK.

HyperDrive Premium Lubricants Manufacturer

Certas Energy’s strategic acquisition of HyperDrive in October 2018 signalled a significant step change as the business expanded into lubrication product manufacturing. HyperDrive is a lubricant blending business that has not only built a reputation for developing a wide range of high-performance, own-brand products, but for blending oils on behalf of many leading global brands.

Agricultural sector solutions

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