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World class credentials, consistent quality and Q8Oils innovative and progressive approach make Q8Oils the partner of choice for the industrial sector. Q8Oils lubricants are designed to protect vital components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. Q8Oils lubricants excel at protecting vital components, ensuring a smooth operation and extending the life of valuable machinery.

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Q8 Hunt: a high quality sustainable hydraulic fluid

Q8 Hunt and Q8 Hunt HV are new high quality sustainable hydraulic fluids suitable for a variety of industrial hydraulic applications. Thanks to the use of recycled and re-refined natural base material, these products allow a substantial CO2-reduction compared to traditional hydraulic fluids. 

Henry is the answer for the highest demanding hydraulics

As the expectations of hydraulic systems are constantly increasing, Q8 Henry hydraulic oils are the perfect answer for the highest demanding hydraulic systems of both the past and the future.

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