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Industrial lubricants explained

To keep the wheels of industry turning, from energy and manufacturing to metal working, you need high quality oils and lubricants that work with your machinery and equipment to produce the best possible results year round. Adding a well researched lubricant selection to your portfolio will not only tackle problematic repairs or replacement costs, but maximise efficiency, ultimately benefiting your business and your bottom line.

What are industrial lubricants?

Industrial lubricants are a range of products that have been specifically designed to improve the overall performance and output of applications used in the industrial sector. This includes; hydraulic, gear, compressor and circulation fluids all designed to overcome specific friction barriers and protect machinery and hardware.

These lubricants are formulated using a base oil, which can be derived from a crude, synthetic or plant based. A range of performance enhancing additives are then added during the production process. The chemistry and amount of these additives varies from product to product and according to the intended purpose and desired end result.

Peak performance and premium products

As a trusted supplier servicing the breadth of the industrial sector, including energy and general manufacturing we are partnered with global manufacturers like Shell, Castrol and Q8Oils. Certas Lubricant Solutions distributes premium lubricant products to the whole of the UK. Businesses can rely on timely deliveries and a range of lubricants, oils and greases including:

H1 Registered

Turbine Oil

Specially developed to help turbines perform to their full operating potential


Maintain or improve the efficiency of your hydraulic systems with the latest synthetic, ashless technology

Gear Oil

Designed to cope with the excess heat, pressure and contamination that can occur in gear box systems, gear oil improves the function and life span of many industrial machines.


Formulated with high-quality base oils and carefully-selected performance additives, to provide excellent protection against oxidation degradation, rust and corrosion, foaming and entrained air

Cutting Oils

Encompassing both water soluble and neat oil based fluids for a wide variety of operating conditions, processes and metals

Certas Lubricants for you

Virtually every industry will use lubricants in some form. Whether your business operates in the manufacturing or energy industry, using the right lubricant product will help decrease down time, maximise output and deliver cost savings on your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Every application will require a specific set of lubricants, oils or greases. Each industry has its own requirements and individual working conditions. Industrial lubricants are designed to match exactly with the rigours of industrial output, with manufacturers understanding the unique needs of every sector and every vehicle, machine or device.

Why use Industrial Lubricants from Certas Lubricant Solutions?

Industrial working environments can be subject to harsh conditions including, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures which exerts pressure on machinery and equipment. Using the correct industrial lubricant helps prevent damage and repairs by fixing common problems including:

Corrosionover time, machinery and its components can be susceptible to corrosion. Using a machine oil will prevent the onset of this corrosion so that equipment lasts longer and downtime is decreased.

Frictionheavy loads and high pressure result in significant wear and tear from friction within the equipment’s system. Lubricants provide protective layers to stop the harmful effects of excess friction.

Contaminationparticularly prevalent in industries where fluids are used in high volumes, contamination can cause sludge and dirt to build up. Lubricants containing dispersants, detergents and demulsifiers diminish this build up and keep operating systems clean.

Heat stabilityas well as operating in warmer climates and conditions, the mechanisms used in industrial applications can themselves produce extremes of temperatures. These temperatures extremes can cause failures or weaken the structure of the parts and materials. Lubricants are designed with specific viscosity properties that can withstand extreme temperatures and protect machinery

Our brands

Making the right choice

We are partnered with the world’s best lubricant brands, including Shell, Castrol and Q8Oils. These world class manufacturers can steer you in the right direction when making your lubricant choice. Use the helpful lubricant selectors provided to find the lubricant or oil for your application.

Certas Lubricants

Certas Lubricants has a large stock holding and an extensive distribution network. Our dedicated team can help with any technical queries, guiding you to the right industrial lubricant at the right price and in your desired quantity. For advice and guidance when choosing a premium lubricant product, contact us via phone, email or by filling in our online form.

Industrial lubricants FAQs

Industrial lubricants perform a number of crucial functions that will result in increased efficiency and maximum output from machinery, vehicles and equipment across a range of industrial sectors. Adding these lubricant products to your portfolio will reduce costly downtime and save money on repairs and non-essential maintenance.

The type of lubricant required will depend on the specific purpose and the conditions in which the individual equipment will be working under. Lubricants fall into several categories including hydraulic, gear, compressor and circulation fluids and each has its own viscosity rating and grading. All lubricant manufacturers will be able to advise on which lubricant, oil or grease is the right one.

Industrial lubricants are used to carry out a number of different tasks within the parts of a vehicle or machine. They prevent rust and corrosion, reduce the harmful effects of friction, for improved load bearing and resist extreme temperatures. These are the primary functions of lubricants but each product will have its own properties and associated benefits.

Investing in premium lubricant products is an investment in the future of your business. Over time, parts can become damaged and worn. Using lubricants and oils prevents or delays these problems which, in turn, leads to more productivity and long term cost savings.

To avoid deterioration, industrial lubricants must be stored and handled properly. Wasted lubricants can be costly to replace. Each lubricant will have a specified shelf life and storage requirements. Check this information thoroughly and ensure you have indoor, outdoor or bulk storage facilities available before placing an order. 

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