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Shell Driveline for Fleet

Shell created Driveline, a portfolio of high-performing lubricants and expert advice. As a key Shell Partner, we help you to select the right lubricants that will boost your fleet’s efficiency and profitability.  

Minimise downtime, maximise fuel efficiency with Shell Driveline for Fleet

Rising fuel costs have a significant impact on the bottom line so it is important for fleet managers to prioritise vehicle efficiency and profitability

Shell Driveline for Fleet offers a range of high-performing lubricants that can help to reduce fuel consumption, increase power output, reduce emissions, and extend the lifespan of your vehicles.

Certas Lubricant Solutions can provide expert support and a customised package of products to meet the specific needs of your fleet. 

Our team can help you select the right lubricants, as well as provide guidance on storage and application to optimise performance. 

With a comprehensive portfolio of lubricants at our disposal, we help you make informed choices that benefit your fleet’s efficiency and profitability.

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Heavy duty fleet and intelligent maintenance

When trucks and buses are the lifeblood of your business, minimising downtime and maximising fuel efficiency is essential. That’s why Shell created Driveline, a portfolio of high-performing lubricants and expert advice that adds up to much more than the sum of its parts. By using the right combination of lubricants, companies can improve vehicle and equipment productivity. 

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Fleets that deliver day after day

Fleet companies need the right lubricant portfolio and expert advice that helps them reduce emissions and fuel consumption – while increasing power output, extending equipment life and service intervals.

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Read Shells report to discover how the right combination of high-quality lubricants can significantly increase the vehicle and equipment productivity for your fleet business.  Understanding how lubricants contribute to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the first step to realising potential savings.

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Driveline ratios: Optimise to meet the needs of the whole machine

Which type of lubricant could you choose to ensure you get the most out of your engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems and greased components?

Our network of experts will work with you to develop a package of products tailored to your individual needs and services that help you improve your productivity. We offer a comprehensive lubricant portfolio with which we can help you select the right products, storage and application of your lubricants.

Products for driveline

Approximately 80% of the expected demand for a fleet operator will be Engine oil.


SHELL RIMULA ULTRA 5W-30 – keeps your fleet on the road even longer.

Benefits at a glance:

  • 56% better engine wear protection
  • Up to 2% increase in fuel economy
  • Up to 150,000 km longer oil drain interval
  • Meets the latest OEM requirements

Approximately 16% of the expected demand for a fleet operator will be Gear and Axle oil


SHELL SPIRAX S6 GXME– get the best performance from your transmissions

Benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 3x longer oil life
  • Up to 0.8% greater energy efficiency
  • Improved recyclability
  • Longer transmission life

Approximately 16% of the expected demand for a fleet operator will be Gear and Axle oil


SHELL SPIRAX S6 AXME – for exceptional drive, stop after stop

Benefits at a glance:

  • Up to 3x longer oil life
  • Up to 1.2% greater energy efficiency
  • Increased mechanical efficiency
  • Helps prevent premature failures

Approximately 4% of the expected demand for a fleet operator will be Grease


SHELL GADUS S3 V220C 2 & S2 V220AD 2 – smooth the way for successful fleet ownership

Benefits at a glance:

  • Consistent performance over longer periods
  • Excellent lasting protection

Download the Shell Gadus for Fleet product brochure

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Latest Shell news from Certas Lubricant Solutions:

Shell Driveline lubricants are used to reduce friction and wear in the transmission, axles, and other components of vehicles and equipment. They are designed to help improve performance, extend component life, and reduce maintenance costs.

Shell offers a wide range of driveline lubricants, including engine oils, transmission fluids, differential oils, and gear oils. These products are available in various viscosities and formulations to suit different types of vehicles and operating conditions.

Ask Certas Lubricant Solutions! Our team are experts at helping even the largest fleets to plan and forecast the lubricants they will need. We take the time to understand the types of vehicles, the operating conditions, and the manufacturer’s recommendation so that we can recommend the best lubricant requirements for you.

  1. Choosing the wrong lubricants: With a wide range of lubricants available, it can be challenging to select the products that are best suited to your fleet’s needs. It is important to consider factors such as the type of equipment, operating conditions, and manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing lubricants.
  2. Not maintaining inventory: Proper inventory management is essential to ensure that the right lubricants are available when needed. This can be challenging, particularly for large fleets with a variety of different types of equipment. Our team at Certas Lubricant Solutions help you to properly maintain your lubricants.
  3. Not ensuring proper storage and handling: Lubricants must be stored and handled properly to maintain their effectiveness. This can be challenging, particularly in harsh environments or for products with specific storage requirements.
  4. Not keeping track of lubricant usage: It is important to track lubricant usage to ensure that equipment is being properly lubricated and to identify any potential problems. This can be challenging for fleet managers who are responsible for a large number of vehicles or pieces of equipment.
  5. Not managing lubricant costs: Lubricants can be a significant expense for fleet managers, and it is important to find ways to reduce costs while still maintaining the necessary level of performance. Certas Lubricant Solutions help you to cost-effectively manage your fleet’s lubricants.