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World class credentials, consistent quality and Q8Oils innovative and progressive approach make Q8Oils the partner of choice for the automotive sector. Q8Oils lubricants are designed to protect vital components, improve fuel consumption and reduce harmful emissions. To meet the various needs of all customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers, continuously improving automotive products.

Automotive product segments

  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Extends drain interval.
  • Protects against foam formation, rust and corrosion.
  • Wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, and other.

Passenger Car Brochure

  • Suitable for any truck fleet in Europe.
  • Adjusted for extreme hot and cold climates.
  • Increases engine efficiency.
  • Extends drain intervals.
  • Low SAPS for better engine protection.

HDDO Brochure

  • Full range of agricultural lubricants (incl. engine, gear and transmission oils).
  • Focus on biodegradability.
  • Reduce harmful emissions.
  • Increase reliability and improve fuel consumption.

Agriculture Brochure

John Deere Chart

  • Developed for performance under extreme conditions.
  • Wide range of engine oils, chain oils, cleaning fluids, greases, etc.
  • Applicable to all major motor manufacturers.
  • Wide variety of engine oils, gear oils, and lubrication fluids.
  • Adjusted for extreme climates. 
  • Increases efficiency. 

Latest automotive lubricant articles

Q8Oils lubricant partner UK

New ACEA 2022 specifications support modern engine performance

On the 1st of May 2022, the European Automobile Association ACEA has released the new 2022 ACEA Heavy Duty Oil Sequences. These specifications define the required performance characteristics of engine oils in terms of their ability to protect against engine wear, deposit formation, corrosion, and oil degradation. The specific requirements vary depending on the type of engine oil being tested, as well as the type of engine and operating conditions.

Lubricants explained

In this series of short animated videos we look into a number of basic Automotive lubricants concepts. Watch and learn, and contact us for more information.

q8 oils lubricant advisor UK
Q8 oils lubricant supplier UK

Can you trust the quality of non-OEM approved Engine oils?

Non-OEM approved engine lubricants have established a considerable market position in the automotive engine lubricant market.   

Hybrid & Electric vehicles and their lubricant challenges

Car manufacturers and OEMs have developed a range of different technologies to electrify the powertrain of vehicles. In this article we give an overview of the different engine technologies, the market figures and the lubrication specificities of hybrid and electric vehicles.


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