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Panolin lubricants distributor: Partner overview

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Founded in 1949 by Bernhard Lämmle, as a retail company trading lubricants for carts, agricultural equipment and early industrial production. PANOLIN has been run by the Lämmle family for over 70 years and has developed products and expertise across multiple sectors, including construction, marine, dredging, and oil and gas exploration.

PANOLIN’s name has become synonymous with state-of-the-art technology, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and an unwavering focus on enhancing security. This reputation is firmly rooted in the company’s extensive track record of crafting environmentally considerate, high-performance lubricants, spanning over 70 years in the lubricants industry.

An industry leader in the production of environmentally considerate lubricants (ECLs), PANOLIN was among the first to introduce biodegradable lubricants in the early 1980s. Their dedication to research and development in this field remains unwavering, reflecting their commitment to cutting-edge solutions.

Certas Lubricant Solutions have been proud to partner with PANOLIN since August 2023 and are official suppliers of PANOLIN lubricants to the UK market?

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Why use Panolin lubricants

In addition to their technological advancements in environmentally considerate lubricants (ECLs), PANOLIN has garnered invaluable operational expertise through collaborations with machine manufacturers and their long-standing relationships with loyal customers. As the demands on machinery performance continue to escalate, PANOLIN is continuously engaged in the design and development of new lubricant generations, each one surpassing the last in terms of performance and hydraulic system protection. PANOLIN stands as an industry leader, driven by innovation, sustainability, and a rich legacy of excellence.

PANOLIN’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their meticulous practices. Notably, they avoid the use of coupling stations or external tanks. Instead, all tanks are meticulously insulated and stored indoors within a heated environment. The essential components, including base oils and additives, are conveyed to the blending tanks individually through a dedicated system of colour-marked pipes, ensuring precision and quality at every step.

Why Partner with Certas Lubricant Solutions for your PANOLIN Lubricants?

  • 167 dedicated employees
  • Nationwide delivery network
  • Logistics provider for leading manufacturers
  • 10 dedicated warehouses
  • 200,000 sq ft warehouse storage
  • Fast delivery: Large stock holding of Castrol oils and greases
  • 60 million litres of lubricants and AdBlue delivered

We're A fully accredited lubricant supplier

PANOLIN lubricants solutions for industry

PANOLIN offer a wide range of lubricants solutions covering multiple applications across a wide range of industries from marine to transport to oil & gas exploration, amongst many more.

It’s important to recognise that not all sectors demand the same type of lubricant. Diverse industries come with unique needs. While all users seek extended oil change intervals and reliable safeguarding of their plant and equipment, their specific priorities can vary significantly:

In the metalworking industry, the emphasis is on skin-friendly lubricants. In the high-stakes realm of motorsports, the pursuit of every last drop of engine performance can make the difference between victory and defeat. For the food and pharmaceutical sectors, unwavering adherence to impeccable food-grade standards is non-negotiable.

Your trusted PANOLIN supplier

  • Approved PANOLIN partner
  • Authorised distributor for the UK
  • Commitment to customer service
  • Lubricants for the marine, dredging, oil & gas exploration, waterways and water treatments processes. 
  • National network and customer service team


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