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Shell launches Mysella S7 N Ultra Oil to power next generation gas engines

Ground-breaking new lubricant demonstrates potential to double current industry performance for oil life1

Shell announced the launch of Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra, the latest and most advanced formulation within the Shell Mysella family of lubricants. This new engine oil has been designed to help maintain the efficiency, and meet the considerable demands of next-generation stationary gas engines, especially those with steel pistons. After extensive scientific research and more than 45,000 hours of testing to date on the latest steel piston engines, Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra can achieve drain intervals of up to 4,000 hours, doubling the typical intervals of previous-generation lubricants.

“The right lubrication and maintenance are key for the latest stationary gas engines, as they work exceptionally hard to meet the increasing global demand for power. Based on our field trials, Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra is our highest-performing gas engine oil on the market,” said Luis Garcia, Technology Manager, Marine and Power Engine Lubricants. “Alongside Shell’s existing portfolio of superior lubricant solutions, our latest product innovation and the technical data behind it will help our customers better future-proof their businesses. By increasing operational efficiency, they can help significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of their equipment and boost their bottom line.”

OEM approved Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra is designed to lubricate the most powerful, highest efficiency stationary gas engines. Field trials reveal high-performance levels with steel piston engines operating with up to 24.5 bar brake mean effective pressure (BMEP), as well as the capability to lubricate engines of the future with a higher BMEP1.

These high-pressure engines present a unique set of challenges during operation, which require a different approach to lubication. Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra can withstand extreme temperatures and stress, helping to ensure engine reliability and enhanced performance1. This in turn significantly helps to reduce total cost of ownership for gas power plant owners and operators.

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  • This new oil also offers excellent deposit handling and piston cleanliness, delivered with advanced additive technology1.
  • This combination of ultra-extended oil life, engine protection and high system effiency results in reduced equipment maintenance due to ongoing protection; less downtime through greater reliability; and a lower frequency of part replacement thanks to wear prevention.
  • 1Results are supported by 45,000+ hours of field trials in more than 10 Jenbacher Type 6 engines.
  • To find out more about the new Shell Mysella S7 N Ultra gas engine oil, please go to

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