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Protecting fleets against corrosion this winter

Since 1930 Tectyl has prevented rust corrosion of nearly every metal surface against the elements for the automotive and a variety of other industries. Tectyl has become a synonymous word for rust protection worldwide thanks to its strong adhesive properties with metal surfaces. Engineered for superior short- or long- term protection, many Tectyl products are multi-functional and can be used against indoor and outdoor exposure to help metal surfaces resist damage caused by moisture, salt spray, hard gravel and harsh corrosives.

Tectyl’s superior corrosion protection offers customers the confidence, reliability, reputation and high quality standards of its global market-leading brand. The automotive industry relies on Tectyl products to provide ultimate protection and help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies and other equipment manufactured from metal parts.

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Winter raises special challenges for fleet owners. By taking a few basic maintenance steps to protect vehicle underbodies and wash away corrosive deposits, fleet owners can ensure their trucks last through more winters.

Born to Protect Winter means snow, ice, and the application of sand and harsh de-icing chemicals to make road travel safer. For fleet owners, winter road treatments threaten future damage to trucks, as abrasive and corrosive elements spatter up against vehicle undercarriages and bodies. These harsh winter elements will eventually take their toll, rusting vehicle structures and systems and shortening truck service lives.

One of the biggest corrosion prevention steps fleet owners can take is to apply an anti-corrosion coating to truck underbodies and wheel wells. These areas get the brunt of exposure to corrosive de-icing salts, sand, and gravel that splash up from the road onto garbage or recycling trucks going about their daily winter routines. Applying anti-corrosion coatings before winter road conditions set in is a simple and practical way to delay eventual deterioration of underbody areas and discourage them from rusting out.

With a comprehensive portfolio to safeguard nearly every metal surface from corrosion, chipping, peeling and abrasion, Tectyl products can help companies avoid repair and downtime, likely providing a lower total cost of ownership and ensuring a more effective and profitable operation.

The broad range of Tectyl products offer ultimate protection for metal surfaces against the damaging effects of moisture, chloride, salt, gravel and corrosion, which can help extend the service life of trucks, passenger vehicles, trailer bodies, earth moving, mining, industrial or any other equipment manufactured with metal parts.

Another good standard maintenance practice for protecting vehicles in the winter is regular washing to remove dirt and corrosive salt deposits on the vehicle body and under-carriage.

Winter raises special challenges for fleet owners, threatening to shorten the service life of vehicles because of the same treatments that help keep roads safe. By taking a few basic preventive maintenance steps to protect vehicle underbodies and wash away corrosive deposits fleet owners can go a long way toward making their trucks last through more winters.

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