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Protect your engine this winter

You rely on your vehicles to perform all year round so when the colder weather hits it’s important to make sure that you’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure it runs smoothly.

Anti-freeze coolants are an essential fluid to ensuring engines and heat generating systems are in good working order. However, the coolant system is one of the most overlooked areas for preventive maintenance in a diesel engine.

The importance of anti-freeze

Anti-freeze mixes with water to prevent water from freezing and raises the boiling point to avoid overheating and reduce engine corrosion – making it an essential product to ensure the longevity for your diesel-powered bus or coach. By protecting the engine from freezing, anti-freeze also helps prevent non-starts in the coldest temperatures.

What’s more, a frozen engine can be very expensive to repair, so it’s important to regularly check engine coolant levels in the winter. In fact, research has shown that 40% of all engine problems in heavy-duty diesel engines are related to improper cooling system maintenance.

Choosing the right anti-freeze

So, what should do you need to consider when choosing an anti-freeze? There are lots of different types of anti-freeze and there’s no single anti-freeze suitable for all vehicle makes and models. Ethelyne Glycol and Propylene Glycol are the major components of anti-freeze coolants and basic types of coolant include Inorganic Acid Technology and Organic Acid Technology. The best and right choice or anti-freeze-coolant is to always use the anti-freeze type that’s recommended by your vehicle manufacturer.

A common mistake with anti-freeze is the concentration used in the solution. Because pure anti-freeze freezes at a higher temperature than when mixed with water so it should always be used in 50:50 proportion with water. If the concentration of anti-freeze used is too low or high then it can cause cracks, water leakages, corrosion and over-heating.

Stocking up on high-quality anti-freeze-coolant now is essential for any coach or bus-using business, because diesel engines are usually operated under both harsh conditions and on a continuous basis throughout winter. These engines and their transmissions require top quality cooling systems and anti-freeze in order to maximise their performance and reliability while minimising maintenance costs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, sleeting, snowing or it’s just a little bit chilly, your bus or coach needs an extra bit of care during winter to ensure it, and your business, continues to run smoothly. Using high-quality anti-freeze is the best way of ensuring this extra care is provided and your business runs smoothly all year round.

Certas Lubricant Solutions provides a range of anti-freeze and coolant products to keep your engines moving in the colder weather including long-life anti-freeze, red anti-freeze, blue anti-freeze, OAT anti-freeze (Organic Acid Technology), propylene glycol anti-freeze and more!

You can purchase all winter products including antifreeze, screen wash and de-icer from Certas. 


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