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Latest Certas
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HyperDrive investing in the future at Redditch

Redditch based lubricants manufacturer HyperDrive Lubricants is making a significant investment at their manufacturing facility at Redditch.

HyperDrive are an experienced and leading producer of the highest quality lubricants in the UK, operating an extensive laboratory facility based at their manufacturing site in Redditch. With customers today requiring the very highest levels of performance; service and technical backup HyperDrive developed a comprehensive new range of HyperDrive and AgriDrive lubricants to deliver exceptional lubrication whatever the demand.

The company is investing £500,000 to install a state-of-the-art tank farm. This unique facility will completely eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and will improve manufacturing quality and standards.

Since the business was acquired by Certas Lubricant Solutions on 30 November 2018 there has been almost half a million pounds additional investment in Redditch, providing a 150,000 Litre storage capacity for finished products. This takes the production capacity of the business to the next level and brings further efficiencies to both operations and product quality.

The tank farm was designed by one of the UKs leading fuel tank storage manufacturers for Certas Lubricant Solutions, who have previously installed tank farms at two of their facilities in the UK. The tank farms minimize contamination to a miniscule level, well within industry standards. Certas have invested millions in creating unique facilities that completely eliminate the risk of cross contamination and allow them to store and supply lubricants in bulk across the UK.

“Thanks to dealing with several of the largest lubricant brands in the world, Certas has a quality control process like no other,” reports Lee Burgess, Director at HyperDrive. “Because the quality standards of manufacturers and producers are naturally extremely high, distribution deals don’t go ahead unless you have a proven track record. The most important part of Certas operations is the tank farm. The unique design and set-up of the tanks eliminates contamination, as well as having total control of the oil that goes into and out of the tanks with millilitre accuracy.”

“HyperDrive will now be adopting this tried and tested system with an investment of £400,00, ensuring that we are perfectly placed to fulfil the future lubricant production needs of all customers across a vast range of sectors.”

The company supply to Automotive, Agricultural and Industrial sectors throughout the UK, and pride themselves on providing the highest standard of customer services, offering bespoke solutions to meet individual lubricant needs.

Being contamination-free is vital with HyperDrive and Certas Lubricant Solutions are clearly committed to investing in the future of their operations across the UK.

This significant investment will ensure that the company are perfectly placed to fulfil the future lubricant production needs of customers across a vast range of sectors.

For further information on the full range of lubricants distributed by HyperDrive, please visit or contact Certas Lubricant Solutions on 0345 266 6055.

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