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Latest Certas
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Delivering improved customer service, product quality and supply infrastructure in partnership with Certas Lubricant Solutions

HyperDrive produces high-quality lubricants at their facility in Redditch where their expertise allows them to offer top performance products to customers at an extremely competitive price point. As well as manufacturing their own stand out brand of HyperDrive and AgriDrive products, HyperDrive offer a toll blending service for businesses looking to create bespoke oils.

The acquisition by Certas Lubricant Solutions in 2018 has improved the offering to customers in three key areas: capacity, quality and supply infrastructure. Thanks to the acquisition, HyperDrive now have the capacity to interchange blends on site, which massively reduces turnaround times for toll blending. Where lead time on slower moving blends was originally around 14 days, its now half this – which is great news for customers looking to get new products on the shelves quickly.

Oil quality is key to effective lubrication, and the acquisition enables HyperDrive to deliver even higher product quality at the same competitive price. Reducing cross contamination through a state-of-the-art tank farm and implementing thorough quality audit processes via Certas Lubricant Solutions. Looking ahead, the acquisition will support more innovation and product development – so HyperDrive can bring exciting new blends to market.

What is the relationship between HyperDrive and Certas Lubricant Solutions?
● With the current market uncertainty, it’s vital to have a robust supply infrastructure in place.
● The relationship with Certas Lubricant Solutions means HyperDrive are now able to leverage the size and scale necessary to respond to any supply concerns customers may have.
● Certas Lubricant Solutions is one of the largest distributors of HyperDrive.
● Certas Lubricant Solutions’s strong distribution network nationally, regionally and locally enables delivery of HyperDrive products quickly and reliably to customers across the UK.
● As well as improving operations, our partnership with Certas has enabled them to provide a more proficient and professional experience for customers
● HyperDrive can now draw upon Certas’ expertise at any time, sharing their commitment to quality, health and safety and customer service.
● HyperDrive is looking forward to working with Certas Lubricant Solutions to keep businesses across the country running smoothly.

For further information on the full range of lubricants distributed by HyperDrive, please visit or call 0800 371 910.

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