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Latest Certas
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Celebrating success at the SMTA dinner

2017 has been an eventful year for the motor industry so the annual SMTA Dinner was a great opportunity to catch up with friends and colleagues and as always, a great night was had by all.

Certas Lubricant Solutions was a proud sponsor of the Community Activity Recognition (C.A.R) Star Awards which recognised the very best from the Scottish motor industry. It was great to hear from F1 presenter and journalist Lee McKenzie about her career in the world of motor sport and once again the generosity from all the guests raised over £7,000 for the Beatson Cancer Charity and British Heart Foundation. Castrol and Valvoline are key suppliers for the motoring industry and we provided our guests at the event with goodie bags full of high quality products from these brands.

As we look ahead to 2018, our focus will be on continuing to support the motor industry with high performance lubricants that meet industry specifications so that our franchise workshop customers can provide their customers with the highest level of service at all times. 

As the largest independent supplier of fuels and lubricants in the UK, we operate a national network that delivers a competitive and responsive local service. We have invested heavily in our business, to create a logistics and distribution network that you can rely on to deliver stocked products within five working days, next day and emergency deliveries are also available. Our product portfolio also includes engine oils, gear and transmission oils, hydraulic oils, cutting and soluble oils and greases; not to mention AdBlue®, anti-freeze, screen wash and packed fuel. So, whatever your needs are for your garage, you can be confident that we can support them. 

Winter is coming

As we approach winter, you need to make sure you’re equipped to service your customer’s vehicles to run safely in colder conditions. Anti-freeze coolants are an essential fluid to ensuring engines and heat generating systems are in good working order. However, the coolant system is one of the most overlooked areas for preventive maintenance in a diesel engine. 

Anti-freeze mixes with water to prevent water from freezing and raises the boiling point to avoid overheating and reduce engine corrosion. By protecting the engine from freezing, anti-freeze also helps prevent non-starts in the coldest temperatures. So, what should do you need to consider when choosing an anti-freeze? There are lots of different types of anti-freeze and there’s no single anti-freeze suitable for all vehicle makes and models. Ethelyne Glycol and Propylene Glycol are the major components of anti-freeze coolants and basic types of coolant include Inorganic Acid Technology and Organic Acid Technology. The best and right choice or anti-freeze-coolant is to always use the anti-freeze type that’s recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

A common mistake with anti-freeze is the concentration used in the solution. Because pure anti-freeze freezes at a higher temperature than when mixed with water so it should always be used in 50:50 proportion with water. If the concentration of anti-freeze used is too low or high then it can cause cracks, water leakages, corrosion and over-heating. 

Reliable supply and high quality products for smooth operations 

When operating a busy workshop, the last thing you need is to be worrying about whether your supplies will be delivered on time. That’s why we have created a unique distribution network that enables us to offer you high quality deliveries nationwide. Aftermarket workshops are under constant pressure to keep the cost of maintaining customer’s vehicles as low as possible but in some cases, this can lead to corners being cut resulting in problems in the long run. Using the right lubricant is essential for vehicle and engine maintenance but the truth is that there is a tendency across the board to pay little attention to lubricant choice other than striving for the lowest cost. 

Car manufacturers are increasingly specifying particular and specialist formulations of lubricants for their latest models and as a result, garages are faced with a greater variety of types and grades of product than ever before. Making the right choice when it comes to lubricant selection is crucial in meeting manufacturer requirements but the reality is that some garages are still using just one grade of lubricant across all vehicles and engine types.  

At Certas Lubricant Solutions, we believe that to properly look after your customer and provide them with peace of mind that their vehicle is being correctly looked after, supplying lubricants from a tried and trusted source is really the only option. Rather than focusing just on price, garages need to take into account the benefits that come with using higher quality products that meet the exact requirements of the engine they’re working with. It’s about using the right oil, in the right car and we’re working closely with our independent workshop customers and buying groups to help educate the market around the importance of using the right grades of lubricants. We partner with leading brands such as Shell, Valvoline, Gulf and Castrol to bring the latest innovations in engine lubricants to market. These brands invest heavily in R&D strategies and work closely with key original equipment manufacturers to ensure their lubricants meet the technical standards required and are specified by the majority of OEMs. 

We offer a comprehensive range of lubricants for use in cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles. Quality products and advanced technologies, our products enhance performance, reliability and longevity allowing you to offer a high-quality service to your customers. Our engine oil portfolio meets the latest specifications and carry many approvals from key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), such as Mercedes Benz. Our range of passenger car motor oils are designed to maximise the performance of engines and deliver outstanding protection against wear and we also offer a comprehensive range of automotive gear and transmission oils that meet the requirements of both automatic and manual gear boxes. To help protect the engine, gear box and wet clutch our range of small engine oils have been designed to meet the requirements for the latest high-performance motorcycles, snowmobiles and outboard engines. 

Industry events like the SMTA Dinner provide a great opportunity to celebrate success as well as discuss industry challenges and we thoroughly enjoyed the chance to do both at this year’s event. We’re focused on being the supplier of choice for workshops and garages across the UK, providing a one stop shop for fuels, lubricants, anti-freeze, AdBlue, coolants and spillkits. To find out more about our range of lubricants to keep your workshop running smoothly, contact Certas Lubricant Solutions on 0345 266 6055. 

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