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Latest Certas
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Skipper Expo – 9th & 10th May, Aberdeen

Discover Cutting-Edge Lubricant Solutions for Commercial Fishing Industry Professionals 

Commercial Oils, the marine lubricants division of Certas Lubricant Solutions, is set to make another appearance at this year’s Skipper Expo, and will again be a key sponsor of the Show Reception event on Thursday 9th May. The highly anticipated event, renowned for its focus on the marine sector, will provide a platform for Commercial Oils to showcase its lubricant solutions and capabilities, tailored specifically for commercial fishing industry professionals.

The Skipper Expo, scheduled for the 9th & 10th May, is a key date in the commercial fishing calendar that brings together an array of stakeholders, including vessel owners, skippers, fishermen, and industry experts. 

As the maritime industry continues to evolve, the demand for high-quality lubricants that can withstand harsh marine environments and enhance operational efficiency has never been greater. Recognising this need, Commercial Oils work with key manufacturers to be able to deliver the most effective solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by commercial fishing operators.

Among the lubricant products Commercial Oils supply to the marine and fishing industries, are; engine oils, gear oils, hydraulic fluids, and greases, each formulated to deliver superior performance and protection in commercial fishing applications. Leveraging advanced additive technologies and stringent quality control measures, these lubricants are engineered to ensure smooth operations, reduce maintenance downtime, and extend equipment life cycles.

Visitors to the Commercial Oils stand can expect to engage with a knowledgeable team who are equipped to provide expert advice and guidance on lubricant selection application, and best practices. Whether addressing the needs of large commercial fleets or individual vessel operators, they are is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that optimise performance and drive business success.

In addition to showcasing its product portfolio, you will also be able to discuss with the Commercial Oils Team the services and solutions they offer, including oil analysis sampling and pump aboard facilities. By actively participating in events like the Skipper Expo, the company demonstrates its ongoing commitment to supporting the growth and continued requirements of the commercial fishing industry.

As anticipation mounts for this year’s Skipper Expo, Commercial Oils stands ready to make its mark as a trusted partner and provider of premium lubricants and solutions for the marine and commercial fishing sectors. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, the company is poised to drive positive change and empower commercial fishing professionals to navigate confidently into the future.

For more information about Commercial Oils and its range of lubricant solutions, visit or stop by the company’s stand E26 at the Skipper Expo.

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