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Across rail, haulage, bus and coach companies, the pressure is on to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel costs and choosing the right lubricant can help

Keep your business running smoothly – maximise efficiency, boost productivity, reduce downtime

Fleet and commercial transport businesses are under increasing pressure to do more with less and by maintaining vehicle engines with the right lubricant, it is possible to reduce unplanned downtime, improve productivity and ultimately reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

When it comes to keeping your fleet moving, lubricants are often overlooked. One of the key barriers to choosing the right lubricant is a lack of training and understanding about the specific lubrication needs for different engines. Different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have defined minimum requirements for lubricants and greases but not all products will meet these standards.

Product Overview

Formulated to meet the latest and strictest emission standards, yet are robust enough for older engines and those operating tough conditions and environments.

For automatic gearboxes, traditional synchromesh, and differential final drive gear systems approved by OEMs.

providing exceptional anti-wear properties to protect critical engine components, resulting in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs.

With carefully selected additives provide excellent protection against oxidation, degradation, rust, corrosion and wear.

Formulated to provide excellent protection against wear caused by heavy-load or shock-load operation.

Offering Valvoline Tectyl protective coatings to extend the operational life of vehicles and equipment. Click here for more information.

Designed for use in diesel engines to ensure they meet the standards for Euro 5 and Euro 6 diesel emissions. Click here for more information.

Lubricants Advisor

Help and advice to choose the best lubricant for your business

Lubricants for Driveline  

Fleet managers expect new technologies to deliver savings, but training and education is required to maximise the benefits.


Shell lubricants for Driveline introduces a suite of high performing lubricants and support services – making your business more efficient, profitable and competitive. 

Shell Gadus developed to deliver optimum value

Shell Gadus is a comprehensive family of greases designed to meet your needs. The Gadus ranges include multipurpose greases that are designed to help simplify your product inventory, as well as speciality greases, including advanced polyurea synthetic products designed for the most severe extreme-temperature and long-life applications, and a range of open-gear lubricants.

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Reliable bulk fuel supply, competitive prices

We recognise fuel is critical to your business operations. Even in the most turbulent commercial climate, you can be assured of supply and consistently competitive prices through our extensive supply base.

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Commercial Vehicles

Castrol, with over 100 years of experience in developing advanced lubricants for the automotive sector, has designed a complete product range for commercial vehicles. From engine oils to transmission fluids, coolants and greases, Castrol can provide the right solution for your vehicle needs.

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