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Industrial lubricants & oils

To keep the wheels of industry turning, you need high-quality oils and lubricants that work with your machinery and equipment to produce the best possible results, year-round. 

Lubrication solutions for industrial businesses

Improve efficiency, reduce breakdowns, and minimise maintenance costs with Certas Lubricant Solutions. 

As the UK’s leading distributor of lubricants, oils and grease, our team are experts at getting you the right solution. 

Industrial businesses choose Certas Lubricant Solutions because we have:

  1. Technical expertise: Get the right lubricant for the right job
  2. Partnerships with the world’s best lubricant brands 
  3. Focus on lowering your Total Cost of Ownership 
  4. Fast delivery from UK lubricant stockholding
  5. End-to-end lubrication solutions
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Industrial Lubricant Solutions

Reduce costs with the right industrial lubricants

Certas Lubricant Solutions specialise in helping industrial businesses optimise their equipment performance and prevent costly downtime. 

We take the time to listen to your specific needs and provide a tailored lubrication solution that meets your requirements. Our goal is to help you improve efficiency and extend the lifespan of your equipment through the use of advanced lubrication technology.

Our lubricant partners

Certas are partnered with Q8Oils in the UK, as well as being a Castrol Ambassador Distributor and Shell Lubricants Authorised Distributor, offering premium lubricating oils, greases and metal working fluids and cleaning solutions to the industrial and power sectors. 

Complete industrial lubrication solutions

Certas provides complete fluid management to support the digital transformation to Industry 4.0. Certas Technical Services are designed to enable our customers to maximise productivity and ensure a safe and operator-friendly working environment. Fluid Command and Lab Command will provide greater control and insight for customers with a view to improving efficiency and importantly, profitability.

Total cost of ownership

The premium products offered also help to reduce the total cost of ownership. Provide significant savings by reducing maintenance costs, increasing productivity, and improving the reliability of equipment. That means less wear and tear, a reduced likelihood of equipment failure, and minimal downtime. Every hour of downtime saved, helps increase their capacities and production, and provides a real financial benefit.

Right lubricant, grease and oil for the right application

Working with customer stakeholders, a comprehensive review of machinery, processes, and challenges results in recommendations that lead to reduced maintenance costs, increased productivity, and improvement in the reliability of equipment. That means less wear and tear, a reduced likelihood of equipment failure, and minimal downtime for improved capacity and production – specifying the right product for the right application can make all the difference to operational efficiency.

Serving the industrial sector:

Certas Command range of technical services

  • Fluid condition monitoring & management services
  • Product advice & recommendation.
  • Health & Safety support & advice
  • Equipment supply and recommendation
  • Lubricant analytical services
  • Education & Training
  • A dedicated lubricants Technical Helpline

Solutions for business

Our knowledge and expertise enables our team to be able to recommend the best equipment for your operation needs. Investing in the correct equipment can result in significant savings and increase productivity in the long term. Our close relationship with our suppliers ensures that our customers have access to the best solutions available and we are experienced in providing the most optimum solution.

Our brands

Our partnerships mean we can provide our customers with the latest in high performance, innovative lubricants, greases and metal working fluids. This world-class product portfolio, combined with our technical expertise, allows us to create tailored solutions.

Industrial lubricant FAQs:

Industrial lubricants are used to reduce friction, wear, and heat in machinery and equipment. They are used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, and construction, to help ensure the smooth and efficient operation of equipment and extend its lifespan.

  1. There are many different types of industrial lubricants, including mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases, and non-oil based lubricating fluids. Each type of lubricant has specific properties and is designed for use in specific applications.

Choosing the right industrial lubricant for your equipment is important to ensure its proper functioning and extend its lifespan. Factors to consider when selecting a lubricant include the type of equipment, the operating conditions, and the specific lubrication requirements. It is also important to consider the compatibility of the lubricant with any other materials that it may come into contact with. Our team are experts at helping you to find the right lubricant for your industrial needs.

The frequency of lubricant changes will depend on the specific equipment, the operating conditions, and the type of lubricant being used. Some lubricants may need to be changed more frequently than others, depending on their performance and the demands of the application. It is important to consult the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations and follow a regular maintenance schedule to ensure that lubricants are changed as needed.

It is generally not recommended to mix different types of industrial lubricants, as this can alter their properties and potentially cause problems in equipment. If you need to switch lubricants, it is important to check the new lubricant is the correct lubricant for the specific application and is fully compatible before mixing with existing lubricant. In some cases it is essential to thoroughly clean the equipment before introducing the new lubricant to prevent contamination.

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