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Utilising our on site Application Specialists, we can recommend tailored equipment solutions from leading manufacturers to maximise your process efficiency

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Service & Equipment Solutions

Utilising our on site Application Specialists, we can recommend tailored equipment solutions from leading manufactures to maximise your process efficiency. 

Increase productivity through efficiency

When planning machining operations, is your choice of metalworking fluid an afterthought? We explain why product selection should be at the forefront of your strategy before you start production. We also offer advice on how best practice can help you increase productivity and drive down costs.

Certas Lubricant Solutions has a proven track record of supplying top quality lubricant brands to a variety of industrial sectors. Utilising our on site Application Specialists, we can recommend tailored equipment solutions from leading manufactures to maximise your process efficiency.

Planning your process

The importance of using the correct fluid for the job is frequently overlooked and typically only questioned when problems arise. Although production runs  may be set at acceptable cycle times, the incorrect fluid choice can have a negative impact on tooling life cycle and eventually result in costly failure.

Metalworking fluid selection

Metalworking fluids are complex chemical formulations that are designed to perform multiple functions during the machining process. Modern materials and techniques, innovative tooling  and pioneering machine technologies place higher demands on cutting fluids than ever before.

The importance of water quality

Water-mix metalworking fluids are, by definition, designed to be diluted in water, hence water represents the largest proportion of the volume when in use. The quality of water used is therefore
a critical factor in determining successful performance.

Recommended water quality parameters

Water purity should be a top priority to maximise the metalworking fluid life cycle, making long-term economic sense. Options include processes such as reverse osmosis, distillation and deionisation. Testing water quality prior to recommending our products is standard procedure for Certas Lubricant Solutions Application Specialists.

Measuring microbiological activty

Cutting fluid concentrates made up with water are prone to microbiological growth, which is most commonly monitored and measured by dip slide
testing. Dip slides contain a sterile layer of agar on both sides that measures the growth of bacteria, fungi or yeast in terms of colony forming units (cfu/ cm3). After taking the fluid sample, the dip slide should be incubated for two to three days at approximately 30°C.

Service and Equipment Solutions

  • Equipment for metalworking fluids
  • Maintaining metalworking fluids
  • Monitoring metalworking fluids
  • Maintaining sump levels
  • Tramp oil removal in metalworking fluids
  • Swarf contamination in metalworking fluids
  • Filtration of metalworking fluids
  • LEV
  • Preventing harmful exposure to fluid mist
  • Coolant tank cleaning

Industrial Equipment Solutions

Maintaining sump fluid levels
Automated fluid delivery
Swarf contamination
Tackling fluid drag out
Removing tramp oil and areating fluids
Adding value through swarf processing
Preventing harmful exposure to mist

Technical Services and Support

Our experienced Application Specialists are on hand to offer you advice and guidance. They help you select the most appropriate metalworking fluid for your application, which balances efficiency and safety. Using the Certas Fluid Command programme can help optimise performance through condition monitoring of the fluid in the machine, and recommend any corrective actions. Our Application Specialists also offer advice on working safely with metalworking fluids and complying fully with local and international health and safety regulations. With their support, you can increase the life of your fluid, optimise performance, minimise unscheduled maintenance and reduce machine downtime. 

Workshop Services

P549 - MWF Guidance ASSETS_39
Industrial cleaning
Coolant tank cleaning

Product Range

Metalworking fluids

Technologically advanced soluble and neat products. Offering superior performance and reduced operating costs, with and advanced safety profile and fully compliant with the latest legislation.

Wire & tube drawing oils

Both neat and water mix lubricants for all applications such as bar, rod, wire, tube, strip and profiles. Balanced lubrication and exceptional cleanliness for optimum performance. Long life products and excellent surface finishes.

Cold rolling oils

Technologically advanced products suitable for all
types of mills.  Reduced VOC emission and higher flashpoints. High-quality surface finishes.

Forming oils

High-performance products for a multitude of metal forming processes from stamping to heavy duty pressing. The range includes both neat and soluble products including vanishing oils.


Quenching oils

An advanced range of neat & soluble quenching fluids, suitable for a wide range of quenching  applications. High oxidation stability and long lasting quenching performance.


Anti corrosion fluids

High-performing anti- corrosion protection fluids for ferrous and non-ferrous metals with an advanced health & safety profile. The innovative technology offers different film protection resulting in excellent water rejection for Indoor & outdoor protection. Easy to apply by brushing or spraying


High-performing range of products for various
applications. Designed for ease of application. Able to operate in harsh environments. 

Hydraulic oils

A vast and highly efficient range that include standard and viscosity modified oil based products, to specifically designed ecological acceptable and fire resistant non-mineral oil based products.  Designed to deliver power transfer and withstand extremes of environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations, high pressure, water and debris contamination.


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